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Executive coaching is a professional and confidential partnership relationship between a senior executive, leader or business owner and a coach involving:
  • Ongoing confidential meetings organized on a regular basis for a period of six months or longer
  • The primary goal of improving the executive’s leadership skills
  • Some assessment of the coachee’s current effectiveness in the leadership role
  • Often using data from psychometric or other assessment tools
  • A relationship of challenge and support
  • Building on strengths as well as how to manage or challenge weaknesses
  • An objective of both behavioral change and increased personal maturity band wisdom


We provide executive coaching in the form of an ongoing professional relationship that facilitates transformation in the mindsets & behaviors of coachees and produces breakthrough results in their lives, careers, businesses or organizations. We do this in a systematic results-lead and development-orientated process that focuses on the “Way of Being” of the coachee. We recognize the integrated nature of emotions, language & the somatic and the role that plays in transforming mindsets and behaviors.

We also facilitate understanding of the higher purpose and meaning of the coachee’s life, and how that can impact in their business and social relationships thus enhancing their quality of life.

As coaches we recognize the various roles we can play in this holistic relationship. These may include Guiding, Teaching, Mentoring, Sponsoring and Awakening as well as traditional coaching and we skilfully & explicitly distinguish those functions to our clients.

Through coaching, we facilitate tangible permanent change that the coachee desires. We do this by carefully observing and giving feedback to the coachee, as well as asking questions that help them recognize the actions they need to take to create that change.

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