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According to Standards Australia Handbook – Coaching in Organizations “Organizational Coaching is defined as coaching that is provided by a formally designated coach and conducted within organizational settings. Its focus is on improving clients’ work-related skills, work performance or work-related personal development in a way that is personally and professionally beneficial to the client.”

It goes on to state “The most common source of coaching in the market is the provision of formal coaching services by professional coaches external to the organization.”Our emphasis is on the word professional and according to the same Handbook – “There are a number of hallmarks central to a profession. They include, but are not limited to, the following six criteria (and some basic questions for practice that flow from them)” At Executive Coaching Professionals we tick all six boxes.

(a) a defined scope identifying purpose and goals that serve the public good; Are coaches able to articulate the scope and purpose of their offering, and does this offering serve a useful social purpose?

Our Purpose

(b) significant barriers to entry including formal qualifications; What qualifications and training has the coach undergone and how rigorous has been this training and its assessment?

Credentials & Qualifications

(c) regulatory bodies with power to admit, exclude, accredit, license and discipline members; Is the coach a member of industry bodies?

All of our coaches are members of the International Coaching Federation

(d) a strong ideological and ethical component including the establishment of enforceable standards of practice and codes of ethical conduct; What code of ethics does the coach follow?

All of our Coaches abide by the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics

(e) a sense of commitment and collegiality through education, membership of a professional association and the sharing of skills and knowledge; What contributions has the coach made to the development of the industry through the sharing of skills and knowledge?

Growing Coaching

(f) a common body of empirically tested knowledge and processes for the development and testing of knowledge; to what degree is the coach’s practice grounded in evidence based theory and research? Does the coach keep up to date with current coaching research and literature?

Credentials & Qualifications

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