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Group coaching is a facilitated small group process led by a skilled professional coach and created with the intention of maximising the combined energy, experience, and wisdom of individuals who choose to join in order to achieve organisational objectives or individual goals. Grounded in coaching processes, and principles, group coaching utilizes core coaching skills and competencies, while adapting skills and approaches from facilitation and training.


Our group coaches bring to their profession solid group facilitation skills, as well as mastery of core coaching skills and approaches. They create solid and intimate connection with their groups, and listen for what the participants believe is important to them, so that that group’s agenda is respected.

Our group coaches adopt their style and approach based on the different needs, creating the space for clients to learn from each other and share experiences which is paramount in the group coaching process.

Our group coaches distinguish themselves from other group facilitators with their strong focus on having the client identify and take action on their goals, whilst holding the space for clients to be accountable for taking steps in achieving their goals and integrating their learning to their “real life” and work.

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