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Organizations employ teams because they have found or at least believe that this is a more effective way to organize complex work than any alternative yet designed. They provide a sense of common identity founded in common purpose and values, shared performance metrics and interdependence for achieving outcomes

Unfortunately, teams don’t always live up to their promise. The evidence is that many teams in the modern workplace do not harness their collective capability to anything like the extent that they could. Failures of structure and process, lack of Purpose and Discipline; deficiencies in Passion or Ethics can all lead to internal conflict and poor leadership that interfere with the team’s potential to work at its optimal level. Team coaching can help teams to tap into the personal drivers of Purpose and Discipline, Passion and Ethics and to align these with Organisational Vision, agreed Principles of behaviour and Key Result areas thus boosting results, improving communication and building rapport.


Through our Team coaching we harness a combination of experience and curiosity to help teams think through what they are doing and why, how they will integrate individual skill sets and how they will innovate. We also help the team ask questions that will stimulate the intellectual dialogue necessary for addressing performance issues effectively.

This fosters a higher quality of communication, both within the team and between the team and external stake- holders in its activities, ensuring that the dialogue is both intellectual and emotional in character and content. Our team coaching promotes the social dialogue that builds rapport, stimulates understanding of self and other team members, and develops the skills to avoid negative conflict and enhance positive conflict within the team.

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