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Whilst we have multiple examples of successful programs we do not have one single Signature program. This is because we know the most effective programs are those we co-create with our clients. Yes there are a number of elements that are always considered in our program design. These include

  • Pre program assessment

Whether the program is a corporate culture transformation program or an individual development program understanding the starting point is essential to both producing and measuring valuable results.

We have several tools that we can offer for this pre-assessment including:

Barrett Cultural Values Assessment & Individual Values Assessment, The  Leadership Circle, Life Styles Inventory & self assessment through our coaching intake questionnaire; we are also happy to use performance development plans as the starting point.

  • Goals and Objectives development

Once we know where the individual or the organisation currently is we also need to know where they want to go. The tools above provide the answer to this question as well and the two pieces together identify the Gap. It is the Gap into which we coach.

  • Initial Awareness building

AwarenessInitial awareness is built during the debriefing of the particular assessment tool that is used. This is the first step of transformation of an organisation or an individual. Moving from “you don’t know what you don’t know” to “You now know what you don’t know”

  • Choice

Only once the organisation or the individual is conscious of the Gap between present and desired performance and state are they able to make an informed choice and tap the energy for change that is necessary before any positive steps can be taken toward achieving that change. The tool we use for tapping this enthusiasm is a “values alignment process” where the natural energy that is within each of us drives us to achieve goals which are aligned with our personal purpose and values.

  • Skill Building

Once the choice has been made to go after the desired performance and culture the process of skill building begins. These skills may be in the areas of either interpersonal relations or tasks or both. Inevitably the biggest impediment to building these skills is replacing the limiting mindsets that are held individually and organisationally and are preventing the achievement of full potential with empowering mindsets. In this phase one on one coaching, supported as necessary by team coaching, is highly effective. There is frequently a need to redesign organisational systems to support the desired culture as well.

  • Embedding

Is the phase where the new culture /behaviours are moved from being consciously practiced to being habitual. The systems and behaviours are aligned and fully integrated. Here too one on one coaching, supported as necessary by team coaching, is focussed on building on strengths

  • Follow up program assessment

No program can be considered fully successful unless that can be demonstrated through empiric measurement. The predetermined organisational or individual performance metric can be supplemented by re running the same assessment tool that was used before the program commenced

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